Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

How Should You Trade Options as the Trade War Worsens?

Calls and puts are the weapons of choice for the option trader. Considering that the US China trade war is likely to worsen and likely to endure, how should you trade options as the trade war worsens? A lot of this will play out with a political spin on both sides which [...]

What Are LEAPS Options?

An options trader may wish to trade with a longer timeline than with regular options contracts. In this case he or she may choose LEAPS options. What are LEAPS options? LEAPS is an acronym. A Long Term Equity AnticiPation Security is an option with longer term until expiration than other options. [...]

Online Options Trading

Stocks go up and stocks go down. Commodities rally and rallies fizzle. The Euro is in free fall and the pulls out. How can a stock, commodity, or currency trader profit from these market moves? In today’s world the internet and electronic trading make online options trading a viable way to [...]

Use Puts to Preserve Stock Gains

A useful strategy for investors is to use puts to preserve stock gains. This approach can be used when the stock price is rising rapidly and when the price is volatile as well. How do options work in this regard? First, let us look at options contracts.
Puts in Options Trading
What [...]

Buy Options to Hedge Risk

In today’s uncertain world investors look to preserve wealth as much as they do to increase their holdings. Options can be a useful tool for those wishing to do both. A dominant feature of options markets is that one can buy options to hedge risk. The Chicago Board Options Exchange, CBOE, was founded in 1973 [...]

Trading Options in a Slipping Economy

Options buyers purchase stocks that they believe will go up (calls) or down (puts). That is to say they look for volatility from which they can profit. Most recent earnings forecasts of major US retailers and consumer products manufacturers are for reduce consumer spending and reduced sales. Trading options in a slipping economy may be [...]

European Stock Options

As the never ending Euro Zone debt dilemma continues, a word or two about European stock options seems in order. Technically, European stock options are a variety of stock option. A European style stock option is one that can only be exercised at the end of the contract period. Its value may rise or fall [...]

Options Trading – Can It Be Your Key to Debt Pay Off?

Options trading or option trading – both are the same term. This is mainly associated with stock trading or investment. Stock investment is a great way to pay down your debts if done in the right way. It is mainly about the trading of the stock options with regards to the exchange of the same. [...]

How You Can Make Profits Using the Binary Options

There are many ways in which one can invest in, and this includes the binary options. Making profits by the use of binary options really one can really generate profits. It is not guaranteed, that once you have invested, you will start making money. This is because, if you want to start making money, you [...]

Buying Puts on SAP

Is the current flurry of activity with traders buying puts on SAP part of the greater EU economic picture or does it just have to do with issues internal to SAP. SAP ADR shares are currently lower and have been trending downward for about two months. The put to call ratio for January 2012 puts [...]