Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Difference between Stock and Options Trading

The difference between stock and options trading is a matter of risk hedging and leverage. Otherwise there is no difference between stock and options trading of stocks. In each case traders must learn and follow both the fundamentals that drive stock prices and technical analysis of market sentiment which leads to [...]

Trading Options on a Government Shutdown

Times when the stock market is volatile are commonly good times for stock options trading. Now as political infighting in Washington drives us closer to a government shutdown the markets are volatile. Buying puts or calls on stocks may be quite profitable. The rationale for trading options on a government [...]

Fifty-Two Week Moving Average in Options Trading

Options traders can use the fifty-two week moving average to decide whether puts or calls are a better approach to trading a given stock. The fifty-two week moving average helps spot both support and resistance levels. The fifty-two week moving average or moving averages for longer terms also help you see [...]

Online Options Trading

Stocks go up and stocks go down. Commodities rally and rallies fizzle. The Euro is in free fall and the pulls out. How can a stock, commodity, or currency trader profit from these market moves? In today’s world the internet and electronic trading make online options trading a viable way to [...]

Buying Puts on SAP

Is the current flurry of activity with traders buying puts on SAP part of the greater EU economic picture or does it just have to do with issues internal to SAP. SAP ADR shares are currently lower and have been trending downward for about two months. The put to call ratio for January 2012 puts [...]