Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Stock Option Trading

Both long term investors and day traders engage in stock option trading. In each case stock option trading allows one to hedge investment risk and provides leverage of investment/trading capital. A long term investor will buy calls to lock in opportunity on a promising investment. Or he may buy puts in order to protect [...]

Developing a Stock Option Trading Strategy

Before leaping into any sort of discussion about the development of a proper or successful stock option trading strategy it helps to first accept one cold, hard fact – you must do the research. Without knowledge about the particular underlying asset you are fundamentally operating while blindfolded, or in other words, you are just guessing.
Naturally, [...]

When is Trading Call Options a Good Option?

November 24, 2009 by T.D. Thompson  
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Of all the means of making a profit in the stock markets trading options is sometimes a good option. In the American stock markets you can buy or sell stock options. You can buy or sell either puts or calls in options trading. Which you do depends upon where you think a stock is going [...]