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Will the Coronavirus Reshape the Economy?

May 5, 2020 by Jim Walker  
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After the decade-long bull market collapsed, it recovered about half of its losses. The recovery was based on optimism. The Fed came across with a reduction of interest rates and a gigantic financial easing package. Congress passed a $2 trillion stimulus bill that appears to have avoided some of the corporate [...]

How Can Options Protect You From a Market Meltdown?

February 24, 2020 by Jim Walker  
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The long bull market in stocks has been sustained by continuing profits, especially from the tech giants like Apple. But, even Apple is looking at decreased earnings due to the expanding reach of the Chinese coronavirus. Are you tempted to get out of your stock holdings? What is the effects of [...]

How Should You Trade Options as the Trade War Worsens?

Calls and puts are the weapons of choice for the option trader. Considering that the US China trade war is likely to worsen and likely to endure, how should you trade options as the trade war worsens? A lot of this will play out with a political spin on both sides which [...]

Options Trading Explained for Beginners

There are many vehicles for investing your money in order to protect your capital and make more. You may have money in a mutual fund or have purchased corporate bonds or stocks. Another possibility, for those willing to do their homework, is the kind of security called an option. This article [...]

Get Ready for the Stock Market Downdraft and Buy Puts

What goes up generally comes back down and that probably applies to the current stock market. There may not be a market crash but a correction certainly would make sense considering the high values in tech stocks especially. CNBC writes that a severe downdraft will hit stocks. If that is the [...]

How Do Massive Trade Deficits Hurt You?

The president of China is going to meet with the president of the United State in a couple of days. Front and center on their agenda will be trade closely followed by North Korea’s nuclear arsenal and missiles. Trump got elected on promises to roll back trade deficits and bring jobs back [...]

Is a Kraft Unilever Deal Still Possible?

American food giant Kraft Heinz sent an unsolicited and unwelcome takeover offer to British food giant Unilever and was promptly rejected. Is it over or is a Kraft Heinz Unilever deal still possible? Forbes suggests the war is far from over.
Kraft Heinz dropped an unsolicited and unwelcome bid for Anglo-Dutch consumer [...]

How to Find Forgotten Stocks

Some stocks are always in the news and are the darlings of stock analysts. And some stocks are forgotten. Stocks may be forgotten because they hold no promise and stocks may be forgotten even though they are diamonds in the rough. Forbes suggests three forgotten stocks likely to do well in [...]

Is It Time to Buy Puts on Big Bank Stocks?

Investors buy and sell stocks. Options traders buy and sell calls and puts. CNN Money asks if it is time to dump Wells Fargo and other big bank stocks. For options traders it might be a matter of buying puts.
Wells Fargo (CBEAX) stock has fallen more than 15% this year. Wells [...]

What Does a Strong Dollar Mean?

The Fed is getting ready to raise interest rates and drive the U. S. dollar higher. One of many places where this is not good news is farm country. What does a strong dollar mean to farmers? It means less money from exports. Farm Futures says that a strong dollar hangs [...]

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