Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Selling Call Options without Owning Stock

Options traders often profit from selling call options without owning stock. In this variety of uncovered options trading the trader believes that the price of the equity underlying the options contract will remain the same or fall in price. The trader receives a premium for selling the call contract. This is [...]

Technical Analysis of Options

Technical analysis of options tells the trader what the options market will do next. Analysis of stock and market sector fundamentals will give the trader and investor an accurate picture of the long term prospects of the underlying equity. Investors and traders will often buy the underlying equity based upon [...]

Learn to Trade Binary Options

An interesting and potentially very profitable type of online options trading is the binary option. Learn to trade binary options and you gain if you correctly anticipate the market lose no more than the price of the option if your analysis turns out to be incorrect. Learn to trade binary options and not only is [...]

Profitable Option Trade

In this article we would like to consider the profitable option trade. The broad view of options trading has to do with strategy. For example, traders may buy options to hedge risk. This is common for companies that do business across national borders and must exchange currencies. It is also common [...]

Over the Counter Options

Traders looking to buy options to hedge risk or simply speculate in the options market may consider over the counter options. Over the counter options are not traded on an options exchange and are essentially contracts between two parties. There is no secondary market for such vehicles. Strike prices are not [...]

Profit from Interest Rate Options

Options traders take interest rates into consideration when trading options on stocks, commodities, and foreign exchange. However, it is possible to profit from interest rate options directly as well. Interest rate options are traded on the Chicago Board Options Exchange, CBOE. Options traders can purchase both puts and calls on the [...]

Use Puts to Preserve Stock Gains

A useful strategy for investors is to use puts to preserve stock gains. This approach can be used when the stock price is rising rapidly and when the price is volatile as well. How do options work in this regard? First, let us look at options contracts.
Puts in Options Trading
What [...]

Options Trading – Can It Be Your Key to Debt Pay Off?

Options trading or option trading – both are the same term. This is mainly associated with stock trading or investment. Stock investment is a great way to pay down your debts if done in the right way. It is mainly about the trading of the stock options with regards to the exchange of the same. [...]

Trading Binary Stock Index Options

Trading binary stock index options is often characterized as a quick and easy way to profit from the stock market. Those who promote this means of trading stock options remind us that in trading binary stock index options risk is limited to the price paid for the options contract. This, of course, is the [...]

Day Trading Options

The stock market had a strong month and corrected at the end allowing those day trading options to profit from both advances and retreats of the market. The constantly simmering European debt crisis continues to cast a pall over expectations. It is, to a degree, a lose-lose situation. If the wealthier members of the EU [...]

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