Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Euro Options Trading

Euro options trading may be a better choice than directly trading the Euro as the Greek debt crisis staggers forward. The PIIGS crisis has plagued the European Union for more than a year. Sovereign debt issues in Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, and Spain have threatened national solvency in these nations and have reached critical levels [...]

US Options Market

The US options market is currently rife with rumors. For example, calls on US Steel are up after the American steel maker pulled out of a steel maker conference and canceled a scheduled visit by an analyst to one of its mills. The largest integrated steel producer still buys most of its iron ore and [...]

Call Options on Kodak

Call options on Kodak set a record recently at 8,137. With puts at 1,329 the put to call ratio was 0.16. The high ratio of call options on Kodak to put options on the stock is indicative of bullish market sentiment. The high number of call options on Kodak is suggestive of an uptick in [...]

What is Options Trading?

What is options trading useful for in today’s volatile markets? Markets react to significant events such as a civil war in oil producing regions of North Africa or the earth quake and tsunami in Japan. By purchasing options on stocks or commodities a trader is able to guarantee himself the opportunity for profits if a [...]

Getting an Option Trading Education

There is an old adage that the best way to learn is “by doing”, but this is not necessarily a universal truth. Consider those who jump into the financial markets without any underlying knowledge or experience. More often than not they see their small nest eggs disappear almost instantly and their hopes dashed. With something [...]