Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Can You Profit from Currency Market Chaos?

The Forex markets are crazy these days as the yuan plunges along with many developing nation currencies. The ramifications of a cheaper yuan include increased Chinese exports and pressure on industries across North America, Europe, Great Britain and the rest of the world. In the meantime can you profit from currency [...]

What Options Will Take Advantage of a Weaker Chinese Currency?

August 11, 2015 by Jim Walker  
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China is in a pickle. The miraculous economic growth of four decades is coming to a halt. Exports are down ten percent year over year. The real estate market is undergoing a slow collapse and stocks are not sure just how far they will fall. In the meantime the Chinese government is [...]

Buy Foreign Currency Options

The most common reason for businesses to buy foreign currency options is to hedge currency risk in international transactions. In these cases traders confine their trades to the specific currencies to be used in a business transaction. On the other hand speculators buy foreign currency options in search of profits. Each [...]

What Are LEAPS Options?

An options trader may wish to trade with a longer timeline than with regular options contracts. In this case he or she may choose LEAPS options. What are LEAPS options? LEAPS is an acronym. A Long Term Equity AnticiPation Security is an option with longer term until expiration than other options. [...]

Online Options Trading

Stocks go up and stocks go down. Commodities rally and rallies fizzle. The Euro is in free fall and the pulls out. How can a stock, commodity, or currency trader profit from these market moves? In today’s world the internet and electronic trading make online options trading a viable way to [...]

Buy Options to Hedge Risk

In today’s uncertain world investors look to preserve wealth as much as they do to increase their holdings. Options can be a useful tool for those wishing to do both. A dominant feature of options markets is that one can buy options to hedge risk. The Chicago Board Options Exchange, CBOE, was founded in 1973 [...]

Stock and Forex Options

As the US economy shows signs of a sustained recovery, debt concerns heighten in the European Union. During the last year both stock and Forex options provided speculators with a means of profiting from the volatility inherent in the post recession economic world. International businesses, that typically use options to hedge currency risk, continue to [...]

Forex Option Trading Minimizes Foreign Currency Risks in Forex Trading

The Forex Option trading market was initially utilized by large international banks and companies as a buffer for their exposure to various foreign currencies in the world market. Today, with an approximate 4 trillion dollars traded on the foreign exchange market daily, many other small players have entered in to the playing field in the [...]