Friday, May 29th, 2020

What Are the Dangers of Trading Options on ETFs?

Options trading started out by letting traders buy or sell calls or puts on individual stocks, futures contracts or Forex currencies. Option trading has evolved with the markets which have added more opportunity, more complications and sometimes more risk. Today we look at options on exchange traded funds or ETFs. What [...]

Options on Chinese Stocks

August 26, 2015 by Jim Walker  
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Six months ago we reported on the beginning of Chinese stock options trading. At the time we quoted an article from The Economic Times regarding stock options trading on the Shanghai stock exchange.
China launched stock options trading for the first time on Monday, aiming to develop broader capital markets and [...]

ETF Options Trading

A common means to trading options on the state of the economy or on a given market sector is ETF options trading. An ETF is an exchange traded fund. These funds give traders a product that accurately tracks collections of stocks as big as the S&P 500 or specific sectors such as energy, oil, pharmaceuticals, [...]