Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Can You Make Money with Forex Options?

After several years of steady increases the USD had a really bad day. If you did not see this coming how could have made any money? The question for the currency traders is can you make money with Forex options? Bloomberg Business reports that the dollar suffers its worst day in 7 [...]

What Options Will Take Advantage of a Weaker Chinese Currency?

August 11, 2015 by Jim Walker  
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China is in a pickle. The miraculous economic growth of four decades is coming to a halt. Exports are down ten percent year over year. The real estate market is undergoing a slow collapse and stocks are not sure just how far they will fall. In the meantime the Chinese government is [...]

Forex Options Scam

A Forex options scam has been uncovered. Forex Magnates reports the alleged perpetrators of a FX Options Scam have been charged in court.
Fraudsters running an international racket across the US and Brazil were charged by a Federal Court in New York which imposed a $2.16 million penalty and issued a [...]

Forex Binary Options Trading

The attraction of Forex binary options trading is that with careful analysis and attention to the market one can earn multiples of the value of the binary options contract. With handsome profits as an incentive how do binary options work and how does a binary option compare with a standard Forex [...]

Forex Online Option Trading – Currency Trading Strategies

Forex online option trading was introduced for investors wanting to deal in world currencies. It was brought into effect by the Philadelphia exchange, and the options were traded in the similar fashion as any other option.
The reason for introducing this trading system was to lessen the burden and risk of trading currencies through Forex market makers [...]