Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Options Trading Mistakes to Avoid

Making money in options trading has to do with picking the right trades and avoiding several basic mistakes. We would like to offer up a handful of options trading mistakes to avoid. These include

Limiting yourself to out of the money call options
Working with a single all purpose options trading strategy
Not having a [...]

Forex Option

What are the advantages of trading a Forex option instead of directly trading a currency? In general, option trading helps to hedge risk and also gives the trader a degree of leverage not available when buying or selling currencies.
Hedging Risk with a Forex Option
When a trader expects a currency to go up [...]

Basic Options Trading Tools

A beginning options trader needs to obtain and develop tools and skills necessary for options trading. Today online options trading allows a trader to access markets from his own trade station, using sophisticated software, a fast computer, and a high band width internet connection. In order to make money trading options, traders need to study [...]

Bull Call Spread Options Strategy

The bull call spread options strategy is an uncovered options trading strategy. The bull call spread options strategy involves buying and selling call contracts on the same stock, commodity, or currency with the same expiration date. Unlike a long or short straddle options strategy, which require picking contracts at the same [...]

Profitable Options Strategies

Traders can use a number of profitable options strategies depending upon their risk tolerance and degree of expertise. Profitable options strategies also depend upon why one is trading options in the first place. Companies that buy and sell products across the world buy options to hedge risk. Currency speculators use a [...]

Is Trading Currency Options Risky?

Is trading currency options risky? If you assume that trading foreign exchange options is easy and approach it that way then, yes, it is risky. If you prepare yourself and learn the trade then making a living trading options on currencies is absolutely possible. The first thing to remember when posing [...]