Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Are Lower Taxes What the Market Needs?

The Republicans are trying again, unsuccessfully, to repeal the Affordable Care Act. They keep failing because they want to make substantial cuts that will deny health care services to millions of people. Why is this? What these folks want is to cut taxes in an effort to stimulate the economy, add [...]

Should You Be Buying Puts on Equifax?

Insider trading by executives of Equifax may end up with jail time. Equifax left the door open for hackers by not adding a simple patch to their computer system. Then when it became apparent that hackers had stolen information on about 140 million people the first things executives did was sell [...]

Stock Market Quickly Gets Over Irma

As hurricane Irma tore through the Caribbean with Florida in its sights the stock markets of the world paused in their upward climb. Now that the hurricane has passed with less than expected damage the markets are back to their continued rally. Reuters notes that world stocks build as Irma weakens.
World [...]

End of Bull Market Stocks to Buy

September is upon us. It is historically the worst month for stocks. The market is also overbought and perhaps set for a correction no matter which month it is. What are some end of bull market stocks to buy? CNBC writes about stocks to consider when a bull market nears its end.
Growth [...]