Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Stocks Are Up Thanks to the Weak Dollar

The stock market continues to climb but now the governing factor may be a weakening currency. That is to say stocks are up thanks to the weak dollar. Business Insider writes that stocks are getting a boost from the weakening greenback.
Stocks are back near record highs, and they have a [...]

Poor Misunderstood FANG Stocks

It’s hard to feel sorry for winners. The tech stocks that have led the market rally are considered by many to be overpriced. CNBC writes that perhaps the FANG tech stocks are not overvalued but misunderstood.
The hot FANG stocks are often cited for having lofty valuations, but their fast growth [...]

Will Tariffs Help US Steel Makers?

The Trump administration is talking about levying tariffs on imports of foreign steel. The New York Times discusses steel tariffs.
The Trump administration is expected any day now to make its long-awaited decision over whether to slap tariffs on steel imports. Doing so would be a provocative move that could [...]

Are Stock Investing Fundamentals Making a Comeback?

Investors have been in love with the fast growing tech stocks despite high P/E ratios. The fundamental approach is to look at forward looking earnings and price the stock accordingly. But the market has been buying growth, until now. Are stock investing fundamentals making a comeback? In fact CNBC writes that [...]