Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

What Are the Risks of Buying Stocks Today?

Over the long term the stock market is perhaps the best vehicle for making money on your investments. But after so many people lost so much money in the 2008 market crash many are afraid to invest. What are the risks of buying stocks today? CNBC discusses four main risks in [...]

Not All Depressed Stocks Will Recover

When the market corrects there are often bargains to be had. But not all depressed stocks will recover as things get better. This is the case with three energy stocks mentioned by the Motley Fool. They could lose you a lot of money.
Many investors are optimistic to a fault. Because of [...]

Syria Air Strike Scares South Korean Stock Market

There has been mixed reaction around the world to the US bombing a Syrian air base after Assad used nerve gas on civilians. But in one corner of the world reaction is clear, the Syria air strike scares the South Korean stock market.
As most of the trading world moves on from [...]

How Do Massive Trade Deficits Hurt You?

The president of China is going to meet with the president of the United State in a couple of days. Front and center on their agenda will be trade closely followed by North Korea’s nuclear arsenal and missiles. Trump got elected on promises to roll back trade deficits and bring jobs back [...]