Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

How Can You Lose Money Trading Options?

The reasons to trade options include hedging currency risk, leveraging trading capital and locking potential profits as the market swings up and down. International businesses use options for risk management while speculators search for profits. To be successful one must adapt Warren Buffett’s first two rules on investing to options trading. [...]

Is a Kraft Unilever Deal Still Possible?

American food giant Kraft Heinz sent an unsolicited and unwelcome takeover offer to British food giant Unilever and was promptly rejected. Is it over or is a Kraft Heinz Unilever deal still possible? Forbes suggests the war is far from over.
Kraft Heinz dropped an unsolicited and unwelcome bid for Anglo-Dutch consumer [...]

What Are The Best Investments For Rookies?

If you are new to the world of investing what investments do you choose? If you are picking stocks what do you as an investing rookie pick? The Motley Fool has three suggestions.
If you’re just getting started investing in individual stocks, you’re likely wondering what stocks you should buy first. We [...]

How to Know When to Buy and Sell Stocks

In normal times how to know when to buy and sell stocks is enough of a chore. But, when the new administration sends mixed signals it can be a nightmare. We look at how to know when to buy and sell stocks in the Era of Trump. Investor’s Business Daily looks at [...]