Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Beware of Exotic Investments

In era or low interest rates and slow economic growth many investors are tempted to seek out different ways to make more money. These often include hedge funds, venture capital or real estate deals. Unfortunately too many young investors put too much money into these sorts of investments before having their [...]

Are There Any Trump Proof Stocks to Buy?

Globalism is out and protectionism is in as Trump assumes the presidency. The Trump bump stock rally started to taper off and now the market is falling as Trump looks to undo trade deals and up tariffs. Are there any Trump proof stocks to buy these days? CBS News offers [...]

Can You Make Money on Insurance for Everybody?

It is OK if you are confused about who is suggesting insurance for everybody. It is not the Socialist Bernie Sanders but billionaire capitalist turned President Donald Trump who is talking about replacing Obamacare, insuring everyone and beating big pharmaceutical companies into submission to lower the costs of drugs.
President-elect Donald [...]

Republican Administrations Are Bad for Stocks

The stock market has taken heart from the prospect of a Trump presidency and traded to near record levels. Will the Trump bump continue or will it peter out? Here is some practical investing advice based on the history of the market and politics since the Second World War. CNBC reminds us [...]

How to Find Forgotten Stocks

Some stocks are always in the news and are the darlings of stock analysts. And some stocks are forgotten. Stocks may be forgotten because they hold no promise and stocks may be forgotten even though they are diamonds in the rough. Forbes suggests three forgotten stocks likely to do well in [...]