Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Best Guide for Stock Market Value

Well run companies with consistently profitable business models make money and their stock prices rise over the years. The collection of businesses that is the U.S. economy generates a gross domestic product. Investopedia discusses why the gross domestic product, GDP, is so important.
The gross domestic product (GDP) is one of the [...]

Will Semiconductor Stocks Rise in the Trump Presidency?

The initial respond to Trumps election as president was a near crash of the market followed by a rally. Semiconductor stocks seem to be doing well also. Is this a matter of a rising tide lifting all ships? These cyclical stocks tend to rise and fall with the economy. But will semiconductor [...]

Are We Going to See Financial Shock and Awe from Trump?

According to Reuters the Dow hits a record high as financial stocks rise. A new administration is in the wings and massive infrastructure improvements are promised. Are we going to see financial shock and awe from Trump?
The Dow Jones Industrial average opened at a record high on Monday, driven by [...]

How Should I Start Trading Options?

With uncertainty in the stock market these days there is a lot of focus on trading options. If you are new to stock trading you may have been advised that by trading options you can limit your risk and leverage your trading capital. If you are interested, how should you start trading [...]

Asset Bubbles Threaten Chinese Economy

The value of an asset is eventually determined by basic fundamentals of supply and demand. But along the way value is determined by predictions of how those fundamentals will work out. China has had nearly miraculous economic growth over the last few decades. But, the economic miracle has come to an [...]