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Will Your Investments Help You Reach Your Goals?

October 24, 2016 by Jim Walker  
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The reasons we typically give for investing are to save for retirement, put the kids through college or amass more wealth in order to enjoy a higher standard of living. The question that we have after reading a business article in The New York Times was do your investments help you [...]

How to Value Stock Options

A common way to attract talent to startups in Silicon Valley startups is with stock options. Microsoft created many millionaires who did not work for much of a salary but became wealthy as their stock options increased in value. The question for the employee is how to value stock options as a [...]

What Stocks to Buy before the Election

The most bizarre presidential election in anyone’s memory is heading for a vote. What should investors and traders do? Is it time to sit on your cash until the air clears or are there stocks to buy before election day? The latter is what Forbes suggests.
What the heck are you supposed [...]