Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

What Does a Strong Dollar Mean?

The Fed is getting ready to raise interest rates and drive the U. S. dollar higher. One of many places where this is not good news is farm country. What does a strong dollar mean to farmers? It means less money from exports. Farm Futures says that a strong dollar hangs [...]

How to Make Money when Stocks Fall

The stock market just keeps climbing as traders disregard the possibility of an interest rate increase. The Wall Street Journal writes about the broad rally and how few believe that rates will go up.
“What worries me is the complacency on rates,” said Mark Spellman, portfolio manager at Alpine Funds. “If people [...]

How to Profit from the Oil Glut

Oil has risen since it bottomed out in the $20 range but that may not last long. There is too much oil and not enough consumers. Market Watch says that $35 oil lies ahead and that that could put the brakes on the current market rally.
Oil is doing its best to keep [...]