Sunday, June 20th, 2021

What Are the Risks of Trading Options?

You can make money trading options and you can also lose your trading capital. What are the risks of trading options and how do you avoid them? The Options Industry Council discusses the benefits and risks of options trading.
Most strategies used by options investors have limited risk but also limited profit [...]

Best Option Trading Strategy

Option trading strategies can be simple and they can be complex. The best route for beginners is to stick with the basics. Here is what Futures Magazine had to say about options strategies for beginners.
In a covered call (also called a buy-write), you hold a long position in an underlying asset [...]

Can You Do Options Trading in an IRA?

If you are an experienced options trader you may wish to do options trading in an IRA. However, you should never use your IRA to learn options trading! The Street writes about options trading in IRAs.
If you own an IRA worth about $25k or more and are an experienced options [...]

Why Stocks Belong in a Retirement Portfolio

If you are thinking ahead you should be saving for retirement. Owning your own home and paying off the mortgage is a good first step toward retirement. Putting money aside every month is the next good step. And putting money into stocks should be the next step. Why stocks belong in a [...]