Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

U. S. Economy Needs Consumers

Where is the US economy going and how will stocks respond? With the global economy in the doldrums exports are slowing so business is relying more and more on the U.S. consumer to step up. CBS Money Watch writes about how as consumers falter the economy is at risk.
It has become [...]

Is This the Year for an Oil Stock Recovery?

Crude oil is at ten year lows and the oil sector is replete with bankruptcies. When will things get better in the oil patch? Is this the year for an oil stock recovery? Is it time for options traders to buy calls on big oil? The Huffington Post thinks that oil [...]

Does Your Retirement Account Trade Options?

Does your retirement account trade options? If so you should know that there are changes afoot. Wealth Management reports on a proposed regulatory change that could reduce already low trading volume.
U.S. options exchanges, already hard pressed to revive declining volumes, face a new threat from regulatory changes that could restrict [...]

Risky Offshore Options Trading

The world’s best recent gains are in Brazil stocks as traders expect a cut in interest rates by the central bank. Bloomberg Business reports the story.
Brazilian stocks extended the biggest rally among global equity markets in 2016 as evidence piled up that the central bank may be considering cutting borrowing costs [...]

Misplaced Faith in China’s Economy

According to Bloomberg Business China calms jittery investors with a clear message and Yuan stability. We believe that this represents misplace faith in China’s economy.
Chinese authorities seem to finally be getting through to investors after months of confusion about the nations’ economic policies helped drive a $9 trillion global [...]