Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Is It Time for Calls on Copper Futures?

Copper prices went up on news that China is importing more of the metal. Is it time for calls on copper futures or is that premature? The Wall Street Journal reports on rising commodity prices.
Energy and materials companies led the rally amid gains in oil and copper prices.
Copper prices rose after [...]

Has the Market Bottomed Out?

After the first of the year stock selloff it seems clear that the prolonged rally of US stocks is over but has the market bottomed out or is there more to come? Barron’s notes that VIX trading indicates a bear market.
Despite Tuesday’s rally, U.S. stocks and the price of oil are [...]

Can You Profit from Stock Volatility?

Investors are in anguish as stocks fly up and down. The question for options traders is can you profit from stock volatility? USA Today reports that Wall Street volatility rules as stock fall again.
Volatility continues to rule on Wall Street as stocks bounce around in choppy trading Tuesday amid oil weakness [...]

Can You Make Money with Forex Options?

After several years of steady increases the USD had a really bad day. If you did not see this coming how could have made any money? The question for the currency traders is can you make money with Forex options? Bloomberg Business reports that the dollar suffers its worst day in 7 [...]