Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Profitable Oil Tanker Businesses

There is always a bull market somewhere, or so the saying goes. While the price of crude oil has plunged oil drillers, oil exploration companies and big oil companies in general have taken a big hit. Why then are there profitable oil tanker businesses in the midst of pain in the oil [...]

Options on the Dollar

The US dollar has risen substantially against other currencies. It appears to be taking a breather while the market waits to see how much further the United States Federal Reserve will raise interest rates. If you are interested in trading options on the dollar do you expect it will rise or [...]

Qualcomm Won’t Break Up

Dow Chemical and DuPont are going to merge and then split into three parts. Since the start of the 2008 financial crisis there have been $11 Trillion in mergers and takers. As it seems easier to break up than stay the course it is a surprise to see that Qualcomm won’t break [...]

Will Dow Chemical and DuPont Merge?

Both Dow Chemical and DuPont stocks rose on a report that the companies are considering a merger. The Wall Street Journal reports on possible deal activity.
U.S. stocks rose Wednesday amid a stabilization in commodities prices and reports that chemical giants DuPont and Dow Chemical are in advanced talks to merge.
DuPont’s [...]

Death of Yahoo

Are we soon to see the death of Yahoo? The New York Times reports that Yahoo is considering selling of its core business. The company that helped introduce internet searches and email to the public is dire straits.
The board of Yahoo will discuss potentially selling off the beleaguered Internet company’s core business during [...]