Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Facebook Long Straddle

A common option trading strategy is the long straddle.
A long straddle is buying both a call and a put on the same stock with the same expiration date. In a long straddle options strategy the worst a trader can do is lose the cost the premiums paid for the call and [...]

Profitable Strategies for Trading Options

The point of trading options is to contain risk and leverage trading capital. With these points firmly in mind here are two profitable strategies for trading options. In options trading the buyer of an option pays for the right to buy in the case of a call option or sell in the [...]

Oil Futures Options

The deal to curtail Iran’s nuclear ambitions will relieve sanctions on the country. Iran has the fourth largest oil reserves in the world and Iran will soon start exporting oil again. How will oil futures options respond? According to Bloomberg Business there will be a gradual return of Iran supply to [...]

Trading Options on the Euro

The Greek debt crisis gets worse and worse. And the Euro takes a hit every time Greece edges closer to exiting the European Union and monetary union. How does one go about trading options on the Euro in this situation? The LA Times writes about dollar gains against the euro.
U.S. [...]