Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Options in a Chinese Bear Market

The Chinese stock bubble is bursting. How do you trade options in a Chinese bear market? CNBC writes that Chinese stocks could slide 50 percent.
A bubble in Chinese stocks is bursting and the market is likely to halve in value from current levels, one strategist told CNBC on Thursday.
The benchmark [...]

El Niño and Wheat Options

In the Americas we associate the El Niño weather system with excessive rain. However, when El Niño floods the Americas it typically causes drought in South Asia. Thus India has signed the biggest wheat import deals in a decade according to the India Times.
Flour millers in India and the local units [...]

Options Euro Trading

The Greek debt crisis appears to winding down to a Greek exit from the European Union and from the European Monetary Union. As such Forex traders are hedging their bets with Euro options trading. suggests selling option strangles on the Euro.
There is substantial risk of loss in trading futures and [...]

Retirement Options Earnings

Stock trading commonly ceases upon retirement. Retirees commonly buy blue chip dividend stocks and collect their quarterly earnings. However, there is a place for options trading in retirement. Covered calls are an excellent way to gain retirement options earnings.
A covered call option is an options contract sold by someone who owns [...]

Stock Prices versus Interest Rates

Should you be buying calls or puts on the S&P 500? The common wisdom these days is that stocks are overpriced so you should expect a correction and buy puts. However, a recent opinion offered in CNBC says that stocks are not overvalued.
The S&P 500 is now trading at the highest price-to-earnings [...]