Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Is Gold a Safe Haven Option?

In times of political, social and economic upheaval gold is a traditional safe haven. How can an options trader take advantage of the swings in gold price during such times? Think of gold as a safe haven option and consider trading options on gold ETFs. Money Beat talks about Gold [...]

Learn to Trade Options

Option trading offers two advantages over standard stock trading. These are limited risk and leverage of trading capital. It is not hard to learn to trade options on a basic level and thereafter one can learn increasingly complex strategies. First what are the basics?
Calls and Puts
Calls and puts are contracts [...]

Option Trading Tools

Option trading is a reliable way to limit risk in trading stocks while searching for profits. If a trader buys calls or puts on a stock his or her risk is limited to the price of the option contract. If a trader chooses to sell options this is often the more profitable [...]

How Low Will Soybean Prices Fall?

Success in growing crops often leads to lower prices. Argentina, a major soybean producer, is having great weather and a record soy bean harvest. Too many soybeans mean lower prices. How low will soybean prices fall? What are the factors to consider when trading soybean futures options? Reuters reports that Argentina is [...]