Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Trading Options on the US Dollar

With the US dollar stronger than any time in the last decade, trading options on the US dollar could be profitable. Ideally one would have purchased puts on the USD with Euros in the middle of 2014 when one Euro was worth $1.40. Considering that today the Euro is approaching parity with [...]

Three Options Trading Mistakes to Avoid

There are three basic options mistakes that both rookies and pros can make at times. These three options trading mistakes to avoid are trading non liquid options, not having an exit plan and doubling down to make up for losses. First we look at the matter of illiquid options.
Trading Non Liquid [...]

Slow and Steady Fed Rate Hikes

The financial markets have been waiting to see just how soon and how fast the US Federal Reserve will raise interest rates now that the recession is well on the wane. It appears that slow and steady Fed rate hikes are likely. CNN Money notes that Wall Street is happy with the [...]

Is the Market Correction Here?

Options traders may wish to ask themselves if the market correction is here. The Wall Street Journal reports a sharp drop in U.S. stocks.
U.S. stocks tumbled on Tuesday as the dollar rose to a nearly 12-year high against the euro and bond yields in Europe hit record lows.
The Dow [...]

Trading Coffee Options

The second most highly traded commodity in the world next to crude oil is coffee. Trading coffee options can be profitable but requires a unique skill set. Investopedia writes about the perks of trading coffee options.
“Soft commodities,” which include cotton, cocoa, coffee, and sugar, are appearing in portfolios as [...]