Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Does Results Based Medicine Mean Profits for UNH

United Health Group, UNH, is steadily moving towards results based payment systems and eliminating fee for service systems in dealing with doctors and hospitals. For investors, traders and options traders the questions is if results based medicine means profits for UNH. United Health Group, UNH, is a diversified managed health care [...]

Swiss Franc Forex Options

Don’t you wish that you had been on the right side of a Swiss franc Forex options trade when the Swiss Central Bank took the cap off of the Euro franc exchange rate? For those of you who missed the story here is the short version.  And this is a lesson in [...]

Easy Money Selling Options

The stock market is in pause mode. You own several stocks that you want to keep long term. How can you make a little extra money with your portfolio? It is possible to make easy money selling options when you already own the stock. A covered option is one in which are [...]

Trading Commodity Futures Options

In times of uncertainty trading commodity futures options is often a better bet than trading futures directly. The precipitous fall in crude oil prices is a case in point. It is clear that eventually the global economic picture will improve but no one knows just how soon. If you are stuck [...]

Profit versus Risk in Options Trading

As a rule aggressive trading strategies can offer substantial profits but at the risk of big losses. Conservative trading strategies contain losses but often end up with minimal returns. Is there an ideal approach to this dilemma of profit versus risk in options trading? A program that we have been following [...]