Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Oil Futures

Is now the time to make money with oil futures options? Russian President Putin met with Ukrainian President Poroshenko in Minsk, Belorussia. The concerns are the civil war in Ukraine, Russia’s concerns about NATO troops stationed on its doorstep and the prospect of a long cold winter for Europe if transit [...]

Options Trading Mistakes to Avoid

Making money in options trading has to do with picking the right trades and avoiding several basic mistakes. We would like to offer up a handful of options trading mistakes to avoid. These include

Limiting yourself to out of the money call options
Working with a single all purpose options trading strategy
Not having a [...]

Reduce Investment Risk with Options

A common way for stock investors to reduce investment risk is with options. Options trading provides a way for investors to leverage their capital and hedge risk at the same time. Here we look at the use of calls and puts to reduce investment risk with options contracts.
What Are Call and Put Options?
A call option [...]

Make Money Buying Options

For most traders the best practice is to make money buying options. You can make money buying options on stocks or commodity futures. And you can make money when you buy foreign currency options. Professionals make money trading options both by buying and selling. The fact is that those who [...]