Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Three Ways to Make Money with Options

A few years ago we noted that there are several kinds of options trading. Depending on why you choose to trade options there are various options trading strategies. In the end the point of trading options is either to hedge risk on money that you have already made or to make [...]

War in Gaza – Forex Options

There is war in Gaza again. And for those who do business internationally it is time to buy foreign currency options to hedge currency risk. The Middle East seems to continually be at war or the center of political and social unrest. Such is the case again as the Israeli military [...]

Buy Foreign Currency Options

The most common reason for businesses to buy foreign currency options is to hedge currency risk in international transactions. In these cases traders confine their trades to the specific currencies to be used in a business transaction. On the other hand speculators buy foreign currency options in search of profits. Each [...]

Forex Binary Options Trading

The attraction of Forex binary options trading is that with careful analysis and attention to the market one can earn multiples of the value of the binary options contract. With handsome profits as an incentive how do binary options work and how does a binary option compare with a standard Forex [...]

Options in a Quiet Summer Market

Sell in May and go away is a well-known investment adage. The point is that there is often a decline in stocks over the North American summer. In general stock trading volume falls in the summer months and investment in stocks goes up in the fall and winter. Our question has [...]