Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Straddle Options

When an options trader is not sure which way prices will go in a volatile market he or she often uses straddle options. Straddle options both long and short let a trader stake out potentially profitable positions for both rising and falling markets. Which route a trader takes in using straddle [...]

Selecting Profitable Options

Options trading volatility is commonly the key to success in selecting profitable options. It is obvious that the best options to buy are commonly the cheapest and that the best options to sell are those that have changed greatly in price from when they were purchased. But in selecting profitable options [...]

Trading Foreign Currency Options

There are two reasons for trading foreign currency options. International businesses commonly make or receive payment in currencies foreign to their own. These companies trade foreign currencies and use Forex options trading in order to manage currency risk. Speculators look to take advantage of changes in currency value and may trade [...]

Stock Market Trends

Anticipation is the key to successful base stealing in baseball. The runner sees what he’s looking for and he takes off for second; the catcher doesn’t even stand a chance to get him out. The guy is fast, but more importantly, he sees something while studying the pitcher that tells him [...]