Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Interest Rate Put Options

With the possibility at hand that interest rates may fall, interest rate put options could be profitable. As with all options trading interest rate put options require a sound options trading strategy. Unlike trading options on stocks or commodity futures, trading interest rate put options do not have to do [...]

Options Trading Strategy

Profits from trading options are directly related to a well thought out and executed options trading strategy. Whether this is a short options trading strategy when selling options or the use of long options trading to enhance profits on a stock that you own, sound analysis and careful attention to market [...]

Forex Option

What are the advantages of trading a Forex option instead of directly trading a currency? In general, option trading helps to hedge risk and also gives the trader a degree of leverage not available when buying or selling currencies.
Hedging Risk with a Forex Option
When a trader expects a currency to go up [...]

How to Buy Oil Options

The oil market is often very volatile. Crisis in the Middle East, turmoil in Ukraine and rebellion in Nigeria all threaten to drive oil prices up. Fracking technology is driving the USA toward not only oil and gas independence but a renewed status as an exporter. This fact promises to drive [...]