Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Options Trader

So, you want to make money trading options. Then you need to develop the knowledge base and skill sets of an options trader. If you are already a stock trader you should realize that there a difference between stock and options trading. However, each type of trading requires fundamental and [...]

Trading Options

Trading options can represent the best as well as the worst of trading. Trading options can allow the investor to make great profits. It can also lead to disastrous results if he or she doesn’t stay with a proven trading plan. No matter what you know, it is always good to have [...]

Why Buying Options Works

March 10, 2014 by Jim Walker  
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Buying options can be profitable, can reduce investment risk, and can provide a welcome degree of leverage in stock trading. Why buying options works is highlighted in the travails of LinkedIn, the online professional networking company, when it went public and began options trading. LinkedIn rose quickly from its $45 a [...]

Use Puts to Protect Profits

A good idea when you have a stock that has had a good run up is to use puts to protect profits. When the stock market has had a good run it is always time for the investor to look to protecting his profits. In fact, the old saying is that you [...]