Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Trading Options on Currency

Trading options on currency is a common means of hedging risk in international business transactions. Trading options on currency works the same as stock options trading and trading options on commodities. A trader buys calls or puts on one currency with another. But, in the case of trading options on [...]

ADR Stock Options Trading

Many investors and day traders find profit in foreign stocks. They typically trade these stocks in US markets via American Depository Receipts also referred to as ADRs. If you would like some useful stock option trading information regarding ADR stock options trading read on.
Where Do You Go for ADR Stock [...]

Options Trading Vocabulary

To get a head start when you want to learn how to trade stock options you need to learn an options trading vocabulary. What are puts and calls? What is the difference between American style stock options and European style options? An options trading vocabulary contains such terms as in [...]

Stock Option Trading in 2014

In order to prepare for stock option trading in 2014 let us consider the events that are likely to occur and how they will affect markets. The long awaited reduction in the Fed quantitative easing stimulus program has begun. As a result interest rates are going up. To the extent that [...]