Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Cell Tower Lease Cash Flow

The best cell tower lease cash flow comes from structuring repeatedly successful deals when you buy cell tower leases and then sell them. If you buy cell tower leases and create cell tower securities you can have cell tower lease cash flow for the long term by simply managing a portfolio of securities. A very conservative approach is simply to buy out the current lease holder and collect lease checks leasing cell tower sites . To develop cell tower lease cash flow you will want to start by taking the online course offered by Cell Tower Gold. Learn how to find cell sites, discover who owns them, efficiently and successfully approach owners, and structure deals. The harder and smarter you work the better will be your cell tower lease cash flow. The more carefully and intelligently you structure deals the more secure will be your cell tower lease cash flow. Read on for more about Cell Tower Gold and how to profit from cell tower leases.

Technical Indicators

Three technical indicators to watch in options trading are price, trading volume, and open interest. We focus on price because the price of an option is what we buy and sell at. Option price reflects movement of the underlying equity. Volume and open interest are used as predictors of where price will go next. Whether [...]

Trading Options on Foreign Stocks

Many investors look offshore for profits. Traders also buy and sell foreign stocks. Trading options on foreign stocks is also a route to profits. For most traders the most effective means of trading options on foreign stocks is with American Depository Receipts, ADR’s. These shares represent offshore companies listed on the [...]

Profit from Cell Site Investments

Cell Tower Gold tells us that there are roughly 370,000 sites in the USA suitable for cell phone tower investment , rehabbing, and resale. To profit from cell site investments start by finding towers, talking to owners, and then creating profitable solutions for all concerned. You can profit from cell site investments by simply purchasing a lease and holding it.

Timing Options Sales

As we note in our article about timing options purchases, timing options sales can be as important as good fundamental and technical analysis. In fact, the point of analysis is to determine how low or how high and equity will go and when it will do so. The most effective use of [...]