Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Trading Capped Style Options

Trading capped style options provides options sellers with a limit to their downside risk while putting a cap on potential profits for a seller. In theory, one can engage in trading either American style options or European style options while trading capped style options. Capped style options act like a circuit [...]

Trading Asian Style Stock Options

Not much used in the USA, trading Asian style stock options, offers a unique approach to averaging risk and reward in stock options trading. An Asian style option is unique in that the payment for the buyer, should he or she choose to execute the contract, is determined by the average [...]

Trading Bermuda Style Options

An options style that falls halfway between American style stock options and European style stock options is trading Bermuda style options. Trading Bermuda style options happens with stocks, futures, and, especially, interest rate swaps. How does it fit “halfway” between the other two styles? One can execute American style stock options [...]

American Style Stock Options

Trading American style stock options is not a matter of Americans being patriotic. It is a matter of adding value to the options that you buy. The extra value of American style stock options over European style stock options is that one can execute American style stock options at any time [...]