Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Bull Call Spread Options Strategy

The bull call spread options strategy is an uncovered options trading strategy. The bull call spread options strategy involves buying and selling call contracts on the same stock, commodity, or currency with the same expiration date. Unlike a long or short straddle options strategy, which require picking contracts at the same [...]

Short Straddle Options Strategy

A short straddle options strategy can result in a nice cash flow when applied to an equity that is trading sideways. A short straddle options strategy is when a trader sells both a call and a put on a stock, commodity future, or Forex currency. Both call and put should have [...]

Preserve Opportunity Both Ways with a Long Straddle

Options trading involves the purchase or sale of puts and calls on stocks, commodity futures, or currency pairs. Professional options traders commonly use any of a number of basic options strategies. The point of combining puts and calls, buying and selling is to hedge risk, increase the likelihood of profits, and leverage trading capital. In [...]

Stock Options in a Crisis

There always seems to be trouble in the world and it invariably affects the stock market. Many traders as well as long term investors choose to use stock options in a crisis situation. There are various options trading strategies but the use of stock options in a crisis is unique in that it can be [...]