Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Use Puts to Preserve Stock Gains

A useful strategy for investors is to use puts to preserve stock gains. This approach can be used when the stock price is rising rapidly and when the price is volatile as well. How do options work in this regard? First, let us look at options contracts.
Puts in Options Trading
What [...]

Profitable Options Strategies

Traders can use a number of profitable options strategies depending upon their risk tolerance and degree of expertise. Profitable options strategies also depend upon why one is trading options in the first place. Companies that buy and sell products across the world buy options to hedge risk. Currency speculators use a [...]

Buy Calls to Lock in Opportunity

A beginning investor and trader may have great ideas but not much money. How can someone who understands the fundamentals and technical aspects of the market profit without a lot of cash. One way to profit from stocks when you do not have a lot of cash is to buy calls to lock in opportunity [...]

Profit from Selling Calls

You have invested in Xyz Corporation and the stock has risen nicely. However, your own fundamental and technical analysis tells you that the stock is likely to level off or even experience a correction before continuing upward. You do not want to sell the stock as you firmly believe that it [...]

Simplify Commodity Trading with Binary Options

What makes the binary options so exciting is that they can be used for a broad range of assets, including commodities, indices, currencies and stocks. They make it easy to trade large provisions throughout the world and those who know how to take advantage of the speculative market will reap generous rewards. Making overnight profits [...]