Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Calls or Puts on Facebook

Now that the social media site has gone public with something of a flop, is it time for calls or puts on Facebook? Facebook stock has only been available for trading for a little over a month. The Facebook IPO went over $40 in the first hours of trading and then fell to less than [...]

Trading Options in a Slipping Economy

Options buyers purchase stocks that they believe will go up (calls) or down (puts). That is to say they look for volatility from which they can profit. Most recent earnings forecasts of major US retailers and consumer products manufacturers are for reduce consumer spending and reduced sales. Trading options in a slipping economy may be [...]

Buy Calls on Depressed Stocks

Just how low can depressed stocks go before they become attractive bargains? It may be time to buy calls on depressed stocks as bad news from Europe seems to be dragging everything down with it. Stocks fell recently as investors worried again that another Euro Zone bailout, Spain this time, was not going to be [...]