Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Buy Barnes and Noble

The lucky thing would have been to Buy Barnes and Noble stock a week ago. The share price rose by as much as three quarters after news broke of Microsoft investing three hundred million in a Barnes and Noble subsidiary involving the Nook reader as well as other businesses. A key aspect of the deal [...]

Euro Zone Anxiety Continues

Stocks fell again in North America and Europe as Euro Zone anxiety continues. For the last nearly two years the investing and trading world anguished over the state of affairs in Greece. Foreign currency options trading was all over the board. If there were to be a Greek financial collapse, the argument went, it would [...]

Trading Binary Stock Index Options

Trading binary stock index options is often characterized as a quick and easy way to profit from the stock market. Those who promote this means of trading stock options remind us that in trading binary stock index options risk is limited to the price paid for the options contract. This, of course, is the [...]

Can Facebook Monetize Its Large Following?

Facebook is going to fork over a billion dollars to acquire Instagram, a new and popular photo sharing network. Facebook already has nearly a billion users. An interesting question for those trading stocks and options is not how Facebook will fit Instagram into its holdings. The question is, “Can Facebook monetize its large following?” Instagram [...]

United States Stock Advances Lead Declines

United States stock advances lead declines recently by roughly four to three. The broad range of United States stocks, as measured by the S&P 500 index, markets have had their best first quarter in 14 years. A positive approach in trading options on the US economic recovery has worked for [...]