Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Trading Facebook Options

In light of the upcoming Facebook IPO we add this discussion of trading Facebook options to our previous musings on GM options and trading puts on LinkedIn options. According to press reports Facebook is soon to announce that it is going public with a $10 Billion offering in stock. Speculation puts the anticipated value of [...]

EU Embargo of Iranian Oil

Will the EU embargo of Iranian oil drive prices up or will other producers increase output? As part of an ongoing effort to force Iran to forego its supposed development of nuclear weapons officials on the continent announced an EU embargo of Iranian oil. Other measures include freezing assets of the Iranian Central Bank and [...]

Profitable Options Trading

After a year of dashed expectations and chaotic markets what is the best route to profitable options trading for 2012? Euro options trading was attractive, and profitable, for many last year as the seemingly eternal European debt dilemma drove the Euro downward. In the US options market calls generally worked in the first [...]

Trade Options on the US Economic Recovery

As the recession continues to lift in the USA is it time to trade options on the US economic recovery? Traders may choose to engage in foreign currency options trading , trading options on US stocks, or options trading of commodities. In each case a slow but sure US economic recovery will likely set [...]

Euro Zone Recovery

A Euro Zone recovery may be in the works. Stocks rallied in Europe on news that Germany, as well as China, manufacturing indices came in higher than forecasted. A sign of renewed confidence on the continent was the lower interest rates paid at auction for Italian bonds although French bonds weakened. Meanwhile the Euro fell [...]