Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Trading Japanese Stock Options

Trading Japanese stock options may be one bright spot in the current dismal investment picture. As a virtual footnote to the financial news Japan expects to see two percent growth in its economy in 2012 versus a third of a percent this year. The financial and investment world has focused on the deteriorating sovereign debt [...]

Trading Options on US Debt

Many traders might be interested in effective ways of trading options on US debt considering the apparent failure of the so called Super Committee to come to grips with the mounting US debt. Hedging risk with options is a common tactic in uncertain times like this. Trading options can also give traders a useful and [...]

Hedging Risk with Options

Hedging risk with options is a common practice of producers and consumers of commodities, companies doing business internationally, and owners of stocks, futures, and precious metals. By buying calls or puts the options trader locks in the equity price and can sell in the case of puts or buy in the case of calls until [...]

Trading Options on Starbucks

As the 40 year old company continues to beat earnings estimates trading options on Starbucks – SBUX – can offer traders a degree of assurance. With options, traders can position themselves so that they will not miss out on continuing stock gains and not be stung by an often predicted but not yet seen slump. [...]

Day Trading Options

The stock market had a strong month and corrected at the end allowing those day trading options to profit from both advances and retreats of the market. The constantly simmering European debt crisis continues to cast a pall over expectations. It is, to a degree, a lose-lose situation. If the wealthier members of the EU [...]