Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Bank Stock Options

Bank stock options trading can be profitable in times when stocks like Bank of America have lost a third of their value in the last year. The mortgage crisis still looms like a specter of doom over many US banks, including the largest, as many experts predict another wave of mortgage foreclosures. If, indeed, the [...]

Oil Futures Options

Crude oil futures and oil futures options dropped like rocks in pond at the news of the lightning rebel advance into Tripoli in the Libyan civil war. Oil futures and oil futures options had been driven higher by the threat to oil production posed by the civil war in the North African oil producer. Although [...]

Buying Options on Stocks

Buying options on stocks provides both stock investors and stock traders with two advantages over simply buying, or selling, stocks. Buying call options on stocks results in profits if the stocks go up in price and buying puts on stocks results in profits if the stocks fall in price. We recently wrote about buying calls [...]

Gold Stock Options

The market fell recently in response to Standard and Poor’s downgrade of US debt but gold prices rose. Gold stock options could be a profitable means of trading as the markets sort out the US and European debt dilemmas, the risk of a double dip recession, and the likelihood of another round of haggling over [...]

Buying Calls on Caterpillar

Caterpillar has been a stock analyst’s pick of late and buying calls on Caterpillar could be profitable. The fundamentals of the heavy equipment maker are a price to earnings ratio of 17.5 but a much reduced P/E ratio if one considers forward looking earnings. This stock has an intrinsic value substantially higher than its current [...]