Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Stock Options Trading

The stock options trading news these days is that puts on LinkedIn are expensive, twice that of call options on the newly released stock. LinkedIn was in the news last week as it went public. An issue before the IPO and now is LinkedIn employee stock options. Employee stock options at LinkedIn amount to nearly [...]

Employee Stock Options

Employee stock options can dilute the value of the stock of a company. The current example is the recent initial public offering by LinkedIn. The company went public last week. A concern going into the first day was that LinkedIn has a large number of employee stock options outstanding. This is common in Silicon Valley [...]

Call Options on Kodak

Call options on Kodak set a record recently at 8,137. With puts at 1,329 the put to call ratio was 0.16. The high ratio of call options on Kodak to put options on the stock is indicative of bullish market sentiment. The high number of call options on Kodak is suggestive of an uptick in [...]

What is Options Trading?

What is options trading useful for in today’s volatile markets? Markets react to significant events such as a civil war in oil producing regions of North Africa or the earth quake and tsunami in Japan. By purchasing options on stocks or commodities a trader is able to guarantee himself the opportunity for profits if a [...]

US Debt Options Trading

In view of Standard and Poors announcement about US debt options trading may be a viable means of containing investment risk while retaining the ability to profit from market movements. S & P issued an announcement that the chances of a reduction of the US debt rating is one in three over the next years. [...]

Commodity Options

Commodity traders use commodity options to reduce investment risk and secure the opportunity to buy or sell a commodity at the current price, no matter which direction the commodities market moves. When trading commodity futures one can buy options on agricultural products, forest products, precious metals, financial instruments, or environmental credits. In doing so the [...]