Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Trading Options on Rumors

Trading options on rumors of buyouts or other meaningful stock activity is a sign that market psychology is getting ahead of market strategy. The business news has recently reported rumors of possible buyouts. Coming on the heels of eBay’s deal to buy GSI commerce for $2.4 billion many options traders are anxious not to miss [...]

How to Buy Options on Gold

In a world rocked by recession and natural disasters many investors look to buy gold or profit by trading gold options. Learning how to buy options on gold can lead to both profitable trading and a reduction in investment risk. How to buy options on gold is to buy options on gold exchange traded funds [...]

Options on Japanese Stocks

Traders are purchasing options on Japanese stocks as well as on stocks on virtually every options exchange world wide. The most severe earthquake in Japan’s history and subsequent tsunami has wrecked havoc on the world’s third largest economy as it has devastated Japan’s Northeast coast. As rescue workers are picking stranded survivors off of roof [...]

What are Call Options?

What are call options? In stock trading these are contracts giving the buyer the right to purchase 100 shares of stock per contract. The trader pays a premium to purchase the options contract. He then has the right to buy stock but is under no obligation to do so. The trader will analyze the fundamentals [...]