Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Buying Puts on the Financial Select Sector SPDR

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Buying puts on the financial select sector SPDR multiplied recently as the government entered into consideration of new regulations. Puts to sell outnumbered calls to buy by roughly twenty to one as the SPDR fund price fell nearly two percent, to just above $14 a share. The huge difference has arisen as congress [...]

Trading Steel Options

There is opportunity in steel price volatility. North American steel producers are pressuring officials in Canada, Mexico, and the USA to put pressure on China to revalue the Yuan. Their goal is a “large and sustained appreciation” of the Chinese currency. A more expensive Yuan would drive up the price of [...]

Trading Gold Options

As the price of gold overtakes the dollar’s rise, trading gold options could be a good idea. In tough economic times there tends to be a flight to the dollar and a flight to gold when other currencies appear threatened. Part of the recent rise in the value of gold was masked [...]