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Choosing an Option Trading Course

December 30, 2009 by T.D. Thompson  
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How much do you know about option trading? Can you explain the difference between “long” and “short” or between “call” and “put”? If so, can you offer a good description of the right strategies to use during a “bear market”? What about a neutral issue? What are your suggestions for such an item? While these [...]

The Benefits Of Trading Stock Options

December 30, 2009 by T.D. Thompson  
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Just recently, options in stock trading were receiving the consideration they are worthy of from many traders. However, for some time now now, investing in options has produced quite a stigma in the market especially with the financial press and a few well-liked figures attaching such significances that trading options may be too high-risk or [...]

The Difference Between Trading Stocks And Stock Options

December 29, 2009 by T.D. Thompson  
Filed under Profitable Options Trading

In the stock market industry, the trade for stocks and stock options are often interchanged and many may be confused between the concepts behind these types of trades. However, what you should know is that these two have very different characteristics from each other, and using them interchangeably can be very lethal if you want [...]

Reap the Benefits of Stock Options Trading

Stock option refers to a deal between the buyer and the seller to possess a right to buy or sell shares or stocks at a certain price. It comes with an expiry date and the buying or selling must be done before that date. But that’s not compulsory for you to buy or sell any [...]

Options Trading for the New Year

Options trading for the New Year has to do with where the action will be in the stock market. Whether a given stock promises to goes up or down in value its potential movement provides possibilities for the options trader. An ever interesting options target is IBM. The old company still outperforms all other American [...]

Getting an Option Trading Education

There is an old adage that the best way to learn is “by doing”, but this is not necessarily a universal truth. Consider those who jump into the financial markets without any underlying knowledge or experience. More often than not they see their small nest eggs disappear almost instantly and their hopes dashed. With something [...]

A Basic Options Trading Education

Are you interested in learning a bit about options trading? It is not exactly an old-fashioned approach to investing, but it isn’t entirely modern either. It began in the early 1970s when the Chicago Board Options Exchange began to publicly list options for investment. Until that time investors had only stocks, commodities, and bonds in [...]

Forex Online Option Trading – Currency Trading Strategies

Forex online option trading was introduced for investors wanting to deal in world currencies. It was brought into effect by the Philadelphia exchange, and the options were traded in the similar fashion as any other option.
The reason for introducing this trading system was to lessen the burden and risk of trading currencies through Forex market makers [...]

Make Money From Forex Options Trading

December 24, 2009 by T.D. Thompson  
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Anyone who has ventured into Forex trading has done so with the goal to succeed and make a profit. Not everyone is successful though. Making a killing at the foreign exchange market will require a great deal of drive and hard work. There is no such thing as a lucky streak in Forex. Whatever success [...]

Stock Trading Options: Do Your Research Well

Stock options trading can be more profitable in comparison to regular stock trades and investments. While investing, it is always beneficial to have a good amount of knowledge about the type of investment and associated risks. You should be careful about certain things when investing in Options.
If you do not have enough information about the [...]

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