Friday, May 29th, 2020

Can You Make Money with Oil Options?

Nearly a year ago we suggested that you can make money with oil futures options. It turns out this advice was correct. If you had purchased puts on crude oil futures or stocks in the oil sector in July you would have made money between then and now. But, can you still [...]

Slow and Steady Fed Rate Hikes

The financial markets have been waiting to see just how soon and how fast the US Federal Reserve will raise interest rates now that the recession is well on the wane. It appears that slow and steady Fed rate hikes are likely. CNN Money notes that Wall Street is happy with the [...]

Does a Successful IPO Guarantee Profits?

Forbes just posted an article about potential IPOs for 2015 and speculates that Uber will be the next blockbuster IPO. They also note that many investors are growing wary as a successful IPO does not necessarily guaranteed profits.
The years-long resurgence of the IPO market in the wake of the financial crisis [...]

Who Will Be Hurt with the Takata Airbag Recall?

November 24, 2014 by Jim Walker  
Filed under Options Trading, Options Trading Tips

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has made an about face and is directing automakers to recall vehicles with driver side airbags made by Japanese supplier Takata, according to the New York Times. Takata airbag defects have been responsible for deaths in several instances.
In a significant shift, federal safety regulators on [...]

Options in a Quiet Summer Market

Sell in May and go away is a well-known investment adage. The point is that there is often a decline in stocks over the North American summer. In general stock trading volume falls in the summer months and investment in stocks goes up in the fall and winter. Our question has [...]

How to Buy Oil Options

The oil market is often very volatile. Crisis in the Middle East, turmoil in Ukraine and rebellion in Nigeria all threaten to drive oil prices up. Fracking technology is driving the USA toward not only oil and gas independence but a renewed status as an exporter. This fact promises to drive [...]

Make Money Trading Options

Last week we wrote about writing stock options for income. This is one way to make money trading options. A common example is to sell a covered call option on a stock that is unlikely to go up in price. The other way to make money trading options is to buy [...]

Time for Puts on the Ruble

It is time for puts on the Ruble as Russia keeps its troops on the Eastern border of Ukraine and sends its operatives into the neighboring country to cause unrest. Sanctions by the EU and USA as well as the threat of a Russian occupation of a neighboring country have driven the [...]

Trading Options

Trading options can represent the best as well as the worst of trading. Trading options can allow the investor to make great profits. It can also lead to disastrous results if he or she doesn’t stay with a proven trading plan. No matter what you know, it is always good to have [...]

Trading Options on Currency

Trading options on currency is a common means of hedging risk in international business transactions. Trading options on currency works the same as stock options trading and trading options on commodities. A trader buys calls or puts on one currency with another. But, in the case of trading options on [...]

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