Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Which President Was Best for the Stock Market?

The stock market has hit a historic high. As usual, the president and party in power take credit for good stock market performance and typically find reason to blame the other party if market performance is bad. Trump is taking credit for this rally. How does that square with history? Which [...]

Stocks Are Up Thanks to the Weak Dollar

The stock market continues to climb but now the governing factor may be a weakening currency. That is to say stocks are up thanks to the weak dollar. Business Insider writes that stocks are getting a boost from the weakening greenback.
Stocks are back near record highs, and they have a [...]

Will Tariffs Help US Steel Makers?

The Trump administration is talking about levying tariffs on imports of foreign steel. The New York Times discusses steel tariffs.
The Trump administration is expected any day now to make its long-awaited decision over whether to slap tariffs on steel imports. Doing so would be a provocative move that could [...]

Not All Depressed Stocks Will Recover

When the market corrects there are often bargains to be had. But not all depressed stocks will recover as things get better. This is the case with three energy stocks mentioned by the Motley Fool. They could lose you a lot of money.
Many investors are optimistic to a fault. Because of [...]

How to Find Forgotten Stocks

Some stocks are always in the news and are the darlings of stock analysts. And some stocks are forgotten. Stocks may be forgotten because they hold no promise and stocks may be forgotten even though they are diamonds in the rough. Forbes suggests three forgotten stocks likely to do well in [...]

Will a Jobs Argument Save the Boeing Iran Airplane Deal?

December 12, 2016 by Jim Walker  
Filed under Options Trading, Options Trading Tips

President elect Trump has threatened to impose tariffs of foreign goods, roll back the nuclear arms deal with Iran and promised to fight the defense industry over costs of weapons systems. Boeing was the target of one of Trump’s famous tweets. He said that $4 billion was too much to pay for [...]

Breakout Stocks

October 20, 2015 by Jim Walker  
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Breakout stocks can be profitable if you anticipate the market. Otherwise you end up reading the news about someone else’s success. Profiting from breakout stocks has to do with anticipating and timing. If your timing is off you miss the boat or tie up your money for long periods of time waiting [...]

Straddle the Market with Options

The market goes up and the market goes down. Last week we wrote about the VIX frenzy as volatility rose to historic levels. We quoted Bloomberg regarding the 30 minute VIX frenzy.
Among the many scary things traders witnessed as stocks plunged last Monday, one of the most harrowing was the sight [...]

Options on Chinese Stocks

August 26, 2015 by Jim Walker  
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Six months ago we reported on the beginning of Chinese stock options trading. At the time we quoted an article from The Economic Times regarding stock options trading on the Shanghai stock exchange.
China launched stock options trading for the first time on Monday, aiming to develop broader capital markets and [...]

El Niño and Wheat Options

In the Americas we associate the El Niño weather system with excessive rain. However, when El Niño floods the Americas it typically causes drought in South Asia. Thus India has signed the biggest wheat import deals in a decade according to the India Times.
Flour millers in India and the local units [...]

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