Friday, May 29th, 2020

Will the Coronavirus Reshape the Economy?

May 5, 2020 by Jim Walker  
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After the decade-long bull market collapsed, it recovered about half of its losses. The recovery was based on optimism. The Fed came across with a reduction of interest rates and a gigantic financial easing package. Congress passed a $2 trillion stimulus bill that appears to have avoided some of the corporate [...]

Reasons Why Traders Are Buying Stocks Today

April 24, 2020 by Jim Walker  
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The stock market crashed in response to the coronavirus pandemic and now has partially recovered despite dreadful unemployment. Here are reasons why traders are buying stocks today. On our sister site,, wrote recently, why is the stock market ignoring the economy? They note that two factors are important. The first [...]

What Stock Options Will Be Useful for a Post-coronavirus Recovery?

The stock market has erased all of the gains of the Trump era and eaten into those of the Obama era. The virus threatens to get worse and more and more cases (and deaths) are being reported. Congress is forking out $2 trillion to help workers, support small business, and keep critical [...]

How Can Options Protect You From a Market Meltdown?

February 24, 2020 by Jim Walker  
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The long bull market in stocks has been sustained by continuing profits, especially from the tech giants like Apple. But, even Apple is looking at decreased earnings due to the expanding reach of the Chinese coronavirus. Are you tempted to get out of your stock holdings? What is the effects of [...]

Moving US Tech Supply Chains Out of China

A recent Bloomberg article details how Chinese military intelligence planted tiny spy chips in circuit boards headed for major US companies. This news comes as it becomes clear than the US Chinese trade war is going to be a long term if not permanent issue. The New York Times looks at tensions [...]

Effective Options Trading Strategies

There are two reasons to trade stocks options. One is to protect a position against loss. The other is to make money from stock price changes in the market. There are effective options trading strategies to accomplish these goals.
Effective Options Trading Strategies
Covered Puts
Covered Calls
Long Straddle
Effective Options Trading Strategies: Covered [...]

Options Trading Explained for Beginners

There are many vehicles for investing your money in order to protect your capital and make more. You may have money in a mutual fund or have purchased corporate bonds or stocks. Another possibility, for those willing to do their homework, is the kind of security called an option. This article [...]

Trade War? Buy Options

The long-running bull market is starting to weaken. And now, President Trump seems bent on starting a trade war by putting tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. The market’s initial response is to head downward. Will there really be a trade war? And would a trade war hurt the stock market? If [...]

How Should Retirees Trade Options

As investors enter retirement they typically adjust their portfolio to limit risk and guarantee a steady income stream with bonds and dividend stocks. Is there a place for options trading for the investor who is now retired? If so how should retirees trade options? There are two ways that retirees may [...]

Which President Was Best for the Stock Market?

The stock market has hit a historic high. As usual, the president and party in power take credit for good stock market performance and typically find reason to blame the other party if market performance is bad. Trump is taking credit for this rally. How does that square with history? Which [...]

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