Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

Trade War? Buy Options

The long-running bull market is starting to weaken. And now, President Trump seems bent on starting a trade war by putting tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. The market’s initial response is to head downward. Will there really be a trade war? And would a trade war hurt the stock market? If [...]

How Should Retirees Trade Options

As investors enter retirement they typically adjust their portfolio to limit risk and guarantee a steady income stream with bonds and dividend stocks. Is there a place for options trading for the investor who is now retired? If so how should retirees trade options? There are two ways that retirees may [...]

Which President Was Best for the Stock Market?

The stock market has hit a historic high. As usual, the president and party in power take credit for good stock market performance and typically find reason to blame the other party if market performance is bad. Trump is taking credit for this rally. How does that square with history? Which [...]

How Badly Will the Market Correct?

The over-bought US stock market is due for a correction. How likely is that and how badly will the market correct? Kiplinger in their article about how to survive a 10% correction notes that since 1932 the market has experienced a 10% to 20% correction on the average every two years. The [...]

How Will the Rally End in 2018?

All good things come to an end that that includes the current stock market rally. But when and how will the rally end? CNBC quotes Bank of America saying that the end of the bull market will be in 2018.
Bank of America Merrill Lynch sees a scary good news-bad news scenario [...]

Should You Buy Bitcoin Futures?

Bitcoin was invented to allow people to make purchases without needing cash. In addition bitcoin is supposed to let you transfer money without a middleman. Along the way bitcoin has gone from being worth pennies to thousands of dollars. In fact, bitcoin just broke the $8,000 barrier this week. Now the [...]

How Can You Make Money from Blockchain Technology?

Bitcoin has been a great deal for some investors who got in early. But many believe that the bitcoin phenomenon is simply the 17th century Dutch tulip bulb frenzy in disguise. Nevertheless, bitcoin is based on an interesting technology called blockchain. And blockchain technology has caught the attention of banks and [...]

Should You Be Nervous about the Stock Market?

The stock market just keeps going up despite seeming overpriced. Should you be nervous about the stock market? CNBC writes that they are getting nervous about the rally.
The S&P 500 just posted its longest weekly winning streak since 2013, and we can count the number of things going right.  But there [...]

What Will Finally Stop the Stock Market Rally?

The US stock market rally has passed another milestone. It has been 487 days since a 5% correction making this the second longest such period since 1970. The point being that a measure of market strength and endurance is perhaps the length of time without a correction rather than just how [...]

Beware of Alternative Methods for Evaluating Stocks

When the Chinese stock market peaked and then crashed a couple of years ago one new Chinese investor was confused. He picked stocks using lucky words and numbers and it did not work out. Back in the 1920s people played the stock market as prices steadily climbed only to lose pretty much [...]

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