Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Options, Dividends, and Volatility

There is an excellent discussion of specific options trades in the current online issue of Forbes ( The article discusses put and call options for April 2014 for Cisco (CSCO). At issue are the price of the put option or call option, the dividend paid by Cisco, and potential market volatility. [...]

Options Trading Volume

Options trading volume varies with the belief that prices of underlying equities will fluctuate. For example, institutions that are writing puts in options trading may not believe that a stock or commodity price will fall but those buying puts do. It is not the change in price of the underlying that drives interest and increases [...]

Trade Japanese Stock Options

An effective means of trading stocks in the current Japanese economic recovery may be to trade Japanese stock options. The economic policies of Japan’s current Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, have led to a fall in the value of the Yen, a rise in exports of now-cheaper Japanese goods, increased consumer optimism and spending, and a [...]

Invest in Cell Site Real Estate

There is an attractive real estate investment opportunity that many are not aware of. This is the business of leasing cell tower sites . According to Cell Tower Gold there are well over a third of a million opportunities to invest in cell site real estate in the USA. These properties come with a constant and guaranteed income stream, the cell tower lease. There are so many of these investment opportunities because phone companies lease well over ninety percent of cell sites from the original property owner. However, many of these owners are approachable. A profitable approach when you invest in cell site real estate is to find a property in need of a rehab, purchase it, fix it up, and resell for a handsome profit. Read on for more info about how you can invest in cell site real estate.

Cell Tower Site Lease Security Option

This article has to do with profitable cell tower lease investing. The cell tower site lease security option refers to one of the profitable ways to create cell tower lease deals. However, it could also refer to creating an over the counter options on securities derived from collections of cell tower leases. There are several ways to profit from cell site investments . First let us look at the size and shape of the cell tower lease market.

Hundreds of Thousands of Cell Sites

There are hundreds of thousands of cell sites in the USA and phone companies own about seven percent of these. They lease the rest. Cell Tower Gold estimates that there are roughly 370,000 that are amenable to cell site lease investment. In other words the current owner is willing to sell the lease and perhaps the underlying property. The current lease owner may be in financial straits due to a failing business, in failing health, or nearing retirement. To profit from these situations find cell sites, talk to the owners, create deals that profit all concerned, and collect these leases. Then you can simply collect lease payments or you can sell to another buyer and pocket your profits. Or you can use the cell tower site lease security option.

Options Trading on the American Economic Recovery

When the chairman of the Federal Reserve said that the Fed was going to phase out its stimulus program stocks fell. Then everyone seems to have remembered that Mr. Bernanke said that the Fed would phase out its stimulus program based on a continued economic recovery and stocks rose again. Given the uncertainty that often [...]

Trading Options on Foreign Stocks

Many investors look offshore for profits. Traders also buy and sell foreign stocks. Trading options on foreign stocks is also a route to profits. For most traders the most effective means of trading options on foreign stocks is with American Depository Receipts, ADR’s. These shares represent offshore companies listed on the [...]

Timing Options Sales

As we note in our article about timing options purchases, timing options sales can be as important as good fundamental and technical analysis. In fact, the point of analysis is to determine how low or how high and equity will go and when it will do so. The most effective use of [...]

Cell Phone Tower Leasing Profits

There are a number of ways to gain cell phone tower leasing profits. With more than a third of a million cell sites appropriate for purchase and resale in the USA one can find a site, contact the owner, negotiate a deal and collect cell phone tower leasing profits for as much as twenty-five years. On the other hand there are cell phone tower leasing profits to be made from buying and selling these sites. An excellent way to start on the path to cell phone tower leasing profits is to take the course offered by Cell Tower Gold

Leasing Cell Tower Sites

A profitable business opportunity is leasing cell tower sites. Owners of property such as tall buildings or high altitude terrain may be approached by cell phone companies. Phone companies need to place their signal relay stations in high locations. Because of the large number of sites required for a cell phone [...]

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